bodega & viñedos en La Gomera

At 1400 meters above sea level, within the Garajonay National Park, where the mist and breeze of the Atlantic ocean, a wine relic unique in the world, our precious strains of "Forastera Blanca Gomera" grow.

The interaction between the height of the farms in Chipude, their volcanic origin and the terraced configuration have forged a type of varietal that is a true biological survivor, a combination that produces a considerable decrease in fruit production, but in return gives us an unmatched character, both in terms of acidity and aroma, making the forastera gomera an exclusive product and at the same time a symbol of our land.

All of this gives a heroic character to this type of agriculture, work suffered but loved at the same time.

Night harvesting

The heat accumulated in recent years during the summer months has forced us to bring the harvest forward to mid-August. High temperatures are not the best companions for the grapes on the way to the winery.
Thus, we decided to start the harvest at dawn to process the grapes at a more suitable temperature and keep all their characteristics intact.
Altos de Chipude is a pioneer on the island of La Gomera in this form of harvesting, which represents a unique human experience and a memorable experience.